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For me, Jílek doesn't exist. ... We won't mention him anymore.» The reaction of an author touched by literary criticism might look like this. Fortunately, not everyone take book so seriously. (Intelectuals who don't take them seriously at all and don't read are not included.) Literature is about discussion. Otherwise we would have a lot of pape to recycle. He is not only a literaty critic.

Except literary criticism, he occasionally publishes commentaries and op-ends on general political topics and rarely he writes his onw literary texts. His texts were published in Slovo, Romboid, Hospodárske noviny, RAK, Vlna, Fantázia, Iliteratura - where was an editor of the Slovak section in 2008-2013 -, also in Je to tak, a Slovak mutation of Le Monde diplomatique, Knižná revue and other journals.

He wrote poems and sleeve notes to the booklet of the album I Always Tell You... by jazz quartet arranged by musician and producer Milo Suchomel, with whom he worked as a PR consultant. he co-wrote also a script of  first Gypsy Jazz Festival. He was a member of jury in literary competitions Cena cien 2008, 2009, 2012 and Cena Fantázie 2010. He is the editor of Tomáš Ulej's book Ale (2012) published by  KK Bagala. He translated from English to Slovak Lauren Oliver's novel Pandemonium (2013) published by Albatros Media.


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